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antitrolling pics

owned. pidgeon pooping on kids head

oh god... this thread sucks
shut up jojo
owned. man kicks man in face
owned. basketball
owned. basketball player kicks player in head
owned. big truck runs over little truck
owned. wrestler sits on wrestlers face
owned. american troops capture sadam hussein
owned. infant draws on babys face
owned. large bird with kids head in its mouth.
owned. big dog being held down while little dog humps the big dog
owned. man gets his face drawn on with a marker while sleeping
owned. mouse being eaten by snake
pwned. dog with cats head in its mouth
newbie. pulp fiction
pidgeon pooping on kids head
newbie.owned.sargent from full metal jacket and mailcall
owned. kid pisses his pants after being arrested
bunny with a pancake on its head
daddy left because you've been bad
lighten up francis
cat karate kicking a dog
this picture makes more sense then you. (panda)
dear god, please make it stop.
pwned. soccer player gets kicked in groin
owned. people posing for photo get water dumped on them
kitten sniper
two trolls
dont feed the troll
aw jeez. not this crap again.


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